Using Work Orders

Eliminate the whiteboard and lengthy operational meetings with Work Orders in Trimble Ag Software. Farm managers can take the guesswork out of operations management, with online and mobile app tools to identify tasks, set priorities, assign tasks to workers, and monitor progress and completion.  

Managing Field Activities

As you manage field activities on the farm such as planting, irrigation, harvesting and more, keep track of dates, actual costs and results in real time with Trimble Ag Software. View or edit activity details online, including a summary of expenses by field with cost per unit of production (CPUP).  

Managing Inputs and Materials

With Trimble Ag Software, your farm materials and purchases can be managed online or on the mobile app, for easy reference when tracking product applications, inventory and expenses.  

Using Ag Time Tracker

Stay focused on the important tasks on your farm while Trimble Ag Software captures each clock-in, clock-out and break recorded on the mobile app by your workers. View real-time map locations for each date and time stamp on the mobile app, and run instant reports for payables and time sheets from the online account. Ag Time Tracker™ […]

Managing Farms

Keep track of farms across your account, without a fixed crop year, to associate with fields on Trimble Ag Software. Use quick-add features to add new farms to your list, or create new farms from your mobile app.

Managing Clients

Keep your client list up-to-date within Trimble Ag Software, with simple online tools to associate or quick-add new clients with fields on your farm. Clients are managed outside of specific crop years.

Managing Fields

Keep track of fields across your Trimble Ag Software account, with or without a fixed crop year. Fields can be added, merged or retired as your business needs change. Manage field details, draw and import boundaries, transfer fields between crop years and more.

Customizing Your Home Page

Tailor the online dashboard for your account to edit, show or hide farm and map widgets, or adjust the tiles visible on your mobile app home screen.

Managing Account Settings

Learn how to update your online profile and settings, view licenses and add-ons, and how to manage user and partnership permissions on your account including system access, time tracker and equipment operators.

Managing Fleet

With Trimble Ag Software’s fleet management tools, you can see, use and share more precision data with your vehicle displays, and from third-party accounts. Start with our data compatibility chart and quick-start guides below to automatically or manually link your data to your online account and the mobile app, and send resource files to connected vehicle displays. Learn […]